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What we do:
At Spanish Tiles and Sanitary ware we offer a supply service primarily to Architects, Interior Designers, and Quantity Surveyors, Construction companies, Project Management companies and Housing Development companies.

As a company we are also happy to supply to individual homes and small developments. We recognize that many people are building new homes, renovating their homes, building extensions or just looking for something a little different to refresh and update their existing house.

We have exclusive deals with our suppliers in Spain and we deliver direct where the product is required. We cut out all middlemen that are normally involved in this process, which therefore allows us to offer our products at a far more competitive rate than the current market offers. This enables either the specification of a better product for similar price, or similar product at a lower price. Back to top

Products of the highest quality assured:
We have a renowned reputation for the quality of our products. The reason being is that we solely buy first choice stone, porcelain and ceramic products from the best suppliers in Spain. Each product is carefully selected to ensure that it meets our very high quality expectations, which allows you to rest assured that your requested products will meet your high expectations.

One of our major strengths is in our dedication to outstanding customer service. We deal with enquiries ranging from delivery, technical enquiries, maintenance advice, samples and specific requirements. We are committed and dedicated to giving personal attention to every call.
For any enquiries please contact us at .
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About us
At Spanish Tiles and Sanitary ware we believe in quality and not quantity. We feel that sometimes too much variety can lead to a difficulty in making that final choice. We feel that our ranges cover most areas of the market. Apart from wall tiles, the floor is likely to be the most important aspect of any area. It shapes the character, look and feel of any space. Such is the versatility of natural stone, porcelain and ceramic, that they work in harmony with many other materials used in both traditional and modern spaces. So whether you are looking for a contemporary, traditional or modern look, we at Spanish Tiles Direct are confident you will find a product that works for you, at an attractive price, and with the service you would wish for.

We offer polished and antique finished marble. Tumbled marble and mosaic, Limestone (many finishes), Polished and un-polished Porcelain, Ceramic and Vitrified glass mosaic, sanitary ware, tapware, kitchen cabinets, marble plaster, tile accessories, wrought iron grills, gates, lights and furniture. Please look through our product range to get a more detailed view at our products.

Drop in to see us at the Spanish Tiles showroom or contact us to see how we can help you with you tiling needs.
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Porcelain tiles are produced in a different way to the typical glazed ceramic floor tiles. Where ceramic tiles are fired, and then mostly coated in a glaze. With porcelain, in simple terms the glaze is mixed with the clay and then fired at a much higher temperature. The tile can then be polished and calibrated using methods almost identical to those used to produce polished marble or granite.

The resulting tile is much harder, stronger, and durable and has a lower porosity than ceramic tiles. The tile can be finished in a number of different surfaces, matt, silk and semi polished.

As the production process is more expensive the cost of porcelain is higher than ceramic tiles; however porcelain tiles have a level of durability greater than normal ceramic tiles, and can be produced in larger sizes. Polished porcelain offers unlimited applications in the commercial market, namely hotels, shopping areas, car showrooms and houses etc. However as technology moves forward so do the surface variations and finishes, and its use in the commercial market are rapidly increasing.

Product Range: at Spanish Tiles we offer a wide range of colors, sizes and finishes. It is impossible to show the wide choice that we offer therefore we have just included some lifestyle images to give an overall impression.

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Ceramic is by definition a product made from earth derived materials such as clays, silicates, or sand, usually requiring the application of high temperature in a kiln or oven at some stage of the process. A glaze is then added to create ceramic tiles with varying finishes.

Ceramic tiles themselves have an amazing ability to fire the senses. The mixture of clays, sands and chemical oxides are transformed into an array of different textures, colors and designs. Simultaneously rustic and sophisticated, our range covers the more modern to the more rustic.

Product Range:

At Spanish Tiles we offer a wide range of colors, sizes and finishes. It is impossible to show the wide choice that we offer therefore we have just included some lifestyle images to give an overall impression.
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Terracotta, from the Italian word for cooked earth, a naturally reddish-brown earthenware that is used for pottery, sculpture, and as tiles in the building industry. It is often glazed in various colors (see image of painted terracotta’s). At Spanish Tiles Direct we offer a range of Terracotta’s sourced from Spain. Local Spanish Clays are used to make the Terracotta which are then fired at 1000 ºC to give them their various and beautiful finishes.

Our range of terracotta products consist of the following groups: Mechanical, Semi Hand Made, Hand Made and Rustic.
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This line of Terracotta includes smooth floor and wall tiles (show image of mechanical made terracotta) composed of a mixture of local clays giving the product the natural and traditional appearance of quality terra cotta.

Colors are either pale red or deep red. The shades may differ slightly for each tile. These are suitable for both floor and wall covering.

Semi Hand Made

This material is an extruded tile with an engraved surface, which looks in between mechanical and a hand made tile. (Show image of mechanical/and hand made terracotta). The appearance of this product is very rustic, but its dimensions are absolutely constant.

It is thus a material with a manual aspect that is easy to install and appropriate for interior as well as exterior use.

Hand Made –

Clay is hand pressed into a mould which is then roughly smoothed off and left to dry before firing. This material has been inspired by traditional terracotta tiles (show image of hand made terracotta). Which over the years have undergone changes in their surface and show irregularities due to wear. Colors: light with rosy flakes and red. Due to the natural color the shade may slightly differ for each tile.

Suitable for both floor and wall covering. These recovered tiles are especially appropriate for restorations and rustic surroundings.


The line rustic tile is inspired on the old-traditional tiles which over the years have undergone changes in their surface and show irregularities due to wear. These are tumbles in order to enhance their rustic appearance.

These recovered tiles are especially appropriate for restorations and rustic surroundings.
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Mosaic or Vitrified glass
In the true sense of the word a mosaic is design consisting of small pieces of colored stone or glass.
Mosaics which consist of vitrified glass is nowadays most commonly used in swimming pools as well as various other areas of décor (see image of swimming pool in which are Spanish Tiles Mosaics). At Spanish Tiles Direct we are able to provide a large selection of mosaics which are fixed onto sheeted mesh, this enables easy fitting (See image of sheeted mosaic). We can provide a vast range of colours suitable for many other areas such as changing rooms, kitchens, the possibilities are endless.

Vitrified glass comes normally in a mosaic form, but there are now variations of sizes available. For swimming pools a variety of patterns are available, along with various boarder designs. Should you require a tailor made logo or emblem this can also be fabricated so please contact us for details.

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Coming Soon
The new Kitchen and wardrobe range from Spanish Tiles In September we will be launching a new range of beautiful kitchen furniture conceived by Bronte kitchens and brought to you by Spanish Tiles. This range will enable you to have a quality kitchen at an affordable price.

It is our desire to be able to offer a one stop shop to our clients. Especially in the exclusive home development industry we feel that for a client to be able to specify all flooring, kitchens and sanitary ware from the same supplier enables our client to have more control, they are able to speak to the same person about all areas of their order which eradicates the need for separate phone calls and arrangements.

Our Kitchens designs come from a very well know Spanish company; and have an excellent range of kitchen styles to cater fro every taste and more importantly you budget. And be it a modern or classic style kitchen you are looking for, here at Spanish Tiles Direct we can provide you with the style of kitchen you are looking for.

We have professional kitchen designers with over 10 years experience working for us, and should you require their expertise in designing the kitchen for you or their advise, we would be only too pleased to offer their assistance.
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Spanish Tiles are the Distributors for “Ideal Standard” probably the biggest manufacturer in the world with the best sales and backup available in the market. It is our desire to be able to offer a one stop shop to our clients. Especially in the exclusive home development industry we feel that for a client to be able to specify all flooring, kitchens and sanitary ware from the same supplier enables our client to have more control, they are able to speak to the same person about all areas of their order which eradicates the need for separate phone calls and arrangements.
Our Bathrooms come from a well known Spanish company; and vary from the more modern style to the older classic style, and with the quality always assured, most importantly we know that our products can be supplied to you at a price within your budget. Be it from the glass sinks with stainless steel legs, with a state of the art Spa Shower, to the more common white porcelain sinks and shapely baths, we are confident that we have what you are looking for here at Spanish Tiles Direct.

We would be delighted to offer you our services in designing the bathroom suites or simply giving advice. We are always available for your assistance.

Please take a look at the styles of bathroom suites we have to offer as well as the state of the art Spa baths and showers.
Drop in to see us at the Spanish Tiles Direct showroom or contact us to see how we can help you with you tiling needs.
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Marble and Granite
At Spanish Tiles Direct we are happy to offer a full service for the provision of Granite and Marble work surfaces for your kitchen. It is a simple process whereby you can choose the type of granite or marble you want at our showroom. We then have our own stone mason who will be happy to come and accurately measure up, template and deliver in whatever finish you desire. This service can also be applied for vanity units in the bathroom. Back to top

Wallmaster T3 & T6 are a highly versatile cement based wall coating for internal or external use, on almost any type of surface. They are applied to produce a range of textured decorative finishes in a wide range of colors. Wallmaster is manufactured in technical collaboration with Kilwaughter Chemical Company of UK, a leading manufacture of cement based coating systems. Wallmaster consists of high strength cement, cement adhesives, mineral fillers, polymers and fiber reinforcement, and a new generation of coloring pigments. It can also be custom-ordered in fine or coarse textures, including glitter finish and special colors.

The greatest advantage of wall master is that it can be applied on virtually any surface. It can be used over existing painted walls, ceilings, partitions, block boards, timber, glass, PVC, and so on. However, Wallmaster will perform at its best if the surface is free of oils, grease and dust. The application substrate must be sound and provide a good key for excellent bond strength..

Wallmaster is available as a dry mixture in a variety of colors. Add 1 part of clean water to 4 parts of dry mixture to form a thick consistent paste. Mix continuously for 5 minutes and allow to stand for further 10 minutes before use. It is important to use a consistent ratio of water to the dry mixture in each mix to avoid any variation in color and texture.

Apply using a steel float to obtain an even coat of between 2-3mm. A variety of texture effects can be achieved using simple tolls such as a wood float, plastic spatula or a paint brush.
• Wallmaster does not require any curing, enabling quick and easy application with no disturbance to existing surroundings.
• It is free of odors and is an environmentally friendly product.
• Provides a variety of beautiful designs and textures, but also protects existing substrates.

Long lasting with little maintenance even in hot and humid climates.
Wallmaster is available in 40kg packing and can be stored up to 12 months. The coverage at 3mm thickness is 10m squared per 40kg bag. Wallmaster is a versatile product that is easy and economical to apply over almost any substrate. The substrate must be sound, free from movement and ideally protected from entry of moisture. Care should also be taken providing overhangs and copings with clear drip grooves. seal master sealing slurry may be used as a base primer before applying wall master . Site support is available for discussions with contractors and sub-contractors, as well as application service.
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MARBLE PLASTER is a highly durable and decorative surface coating system suitable for both internal and external applications on all types of surface. Marble Plaster is available in a large variety of vibrant colors, shades and 3 different textures - micro, satin, and medium. And after application, it has a natural micro-grained appearance.

MARBLE PLASTER is manufactured from Natural Marble or Ceramic glazed mineral granules, silicon resins, and other additives. It is available in a ready to use paste form, and is an environmentally friendly product. Marble Plaster can be applied on all types of internal and external surfaces, including painted walls, timber, glass soft board and ply board. The application surface should be free of moisture and dust. Marble Plaster is easily applied using a steel or plastic trowel. It can also be applied using a standard spray gun with an 8 to 9 bar compressor. Requires no other tools, and the surface can be smoothened with a trowel.

• Marble Plaster requires no special tools or training and is simple and quick to apply
• It dries within 24 to 36 hours and requires no curing. It is ideal for use in multistory commercial building exteriors where durable and bright colored finishes with very low maintenance are required. It is also widely used in renovations and redecorating busy commercial premises as well as residential complexes
• Marble Plaster easily hides uneven plaster, old and faded walls, ceilings and partitions. It can be applied on pillars, beams, columns, trusses, cornices and molded surfaces giving a natural, fault-free finish.
Marble Plaster requires no maintenance, and can be cleaned with water whenever required.
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Tile Adhesive and Tile Grout
Tile Adhesive is water resistant, cement based compound designed to produce tough and high performance bonding, which ensures quick workability and permanent installation for various tiles. Tile Adhesive is cement based, polymer modified with aggregate particles and chemical in the interfacial zone. It is applicable to ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, marble and granite.

Grout is a water resistant non-porous grout based compound designed to produce high performance bonding to the joints between the ceramic, porcelain, marble, granite and other types of tiles. Tile Grout is cement based polymer modified with various chemical additives. Tile Grout is formulated to ensure easy workability, water resistant and against cracking
Special products for mosaic and kitchens are also available
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SPANISH TILES offer laminate floor board from Kaindl manufactured in Austria. 39 trendy designs with the most up-to-date product attributes ranging from soundproofing through to antistatic and antibacterial surfaces! Extremely hard-wearing, resistant to abrasion and shock, whilst also being simple to lay and easy to clean.
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Spanish tiles also manufacture a variety of wrought iron products. These include Grills and Gates, Furniture, and Decorative Light Fittings. Visit our showroom to check the quality of these locally produced items Back to top

Commercial Projects
Spanish Tiles exclusive East African access to some of the largest suppliers of Ceramics, Porcelain and Natural Stone in Spain. This enables us at Spanish Tiles Direct to accommodate any size of project, from specialist one off schemes to the very largest requirements. We offer Direct Importation by the Client, consolidation of consignments is also possible. Contact our projects department for inquires
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Domestic Projects

Here at Spanish Tiles we have built up an enviable reputation for a wide range of successful domestic projects. The essence of the word domestic means ‘we can bring beautiful Spanish stone, porcelain and ceramics, kitchens and bathrooms into you home, delivered straight to your door.’ If you renovating a old house, building a new house or just want something special for your floors Spanish Tiles Direct can cover all your needs and desires. Our images show a small range of projects we have completed from kitchens, bathrooms, dining rooms and even lounge areas in the home. For further information contact
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Spanish tiles also offers Franchise to individuals / companies who would like to have a similar setup provided the fulfill the requirements, terms and conditions set by SPANISH TILES. The franchise will get all the necessary support to set up, designs for the showrooms, advertising and marketing benefits provided they abide to the terms and conditions set by SPANISH TILES. For further information contact
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This department is for traders who wouldn’t like to stock the full range or find it difficult to comply with the set terms and conditions or have an existing business. We offer individual products at special wholesale rates. For further information contact
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