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Here, it’s all about our innovative faucets and sinks. For more aesthetic enjoyment and a lighter workload, for more enjoyment of water and well-thought-out functionality.

HG Thermostatic Bath

 HG Bath Mixer Wall

HG 2 – Handle Bath Mixer

HG Bath mixer wall

HG Bath Mixer

HG Kitchen Mixer Focus

HG Kitchen Mixer

HG Kitchen Mixer Axor

HG Kitchen Mixer

HG complete shower set

 HG Showerpipe

HG Tempesta Shower

HG Shower Square

HG Shower set Raindance

HG Shower Set Crometta

 HG Overhead Shower

HG Shower Set Croma

 HG Overhead Shower

 HG Overhead Shower

HG Overhead Shower

 HG Overhead Shower

HG Shaving mirror logis

HG Shut off Valve

 HG Towel Ring Logis

 HG Towel Ring Logis

HG Single Hook Logis

HG Corner Basket Logis

HG Hand Shower Bidette

HG Basic Set iBox

HG Bidet Mixer